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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 28, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." he knows you're not allowed to jump off a cruise ship. but one dude decides -- >> he can't resist the temptation. >> the story of one impulsive moment that led to a lifetime ban. it's a shocking scene as a dog is abandoned, but don't worry -- >> this does have a happy ending. >> how a gut-wrenching video became a heart-warming tale.
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a crowd is milling around outside a school. >> but watchen w. >> see the blast that spread like wildfire. and how about a grand estate in miniature. >> look at the attention to detail. >> now, meet the kool-acookoolc says if you can dream it, they can build it. >> take your time and keep working on it. on a carnival cruise ship absolutely stunning view in turks and caicos, the cruise ship is about to dock. look at the water, how can you not jump in it, right? >> looks very inviting. >> guess who thought i can't resist the temptation of jumping in? this guy we are watching he climbs over the railing and without evenecguhimself, he jum. >> off of the carnival cruise ship? isn't this illegal?
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>> this is why people go missing on cruise ships. >> now what? >> he starts swimming to shore. you can see his face, he's cracking up having a good old time. this is awesome. >> no, it's not, is it? the >> no. because when he got to shore, authorities found him, they brought him back on the ship only to kick him off the ship. >> they will kick his butt home. >> without a refund. >> from that island he was put on a small plane expenses he'll be responsible for. >> did his buddies get kicked off, too? >> they didn't get kicked off, but apparently the captain and the employees found the friends because they were able to identify them on surveillance video, they took their phones and made them erase the pictures and video from the jump. >> they missed the go pro that he was carrying. >> carnival did send him a letter banning him. >> banned for life from carnival cruises. that will suck. >> apparently he's surprised at their reaction, he didn't think
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they'd get this bent out of shape about it. >> i wonder if it will black ball him from the other cruise ships. >> how did he know the water was deep enough? but if it's deep enough for a cruise ship, i guess it's deep enough. >> probably. >> i'm glad i figured that out before i said it out loud on television. guys, this is absolutely heart-wrenching, heartbreaking cctv footage coming out of virginia, but i do want to tell you that this does have a happy ending. this will help you get through what you're about to see. this security camera catches a burgundy truck pulling in to an empty parking lot. you see the driver of that truck dressed in loose clothing get out of the truck. and he pulls out and an adorable little dog on a rope of some kind, you see him tie this precious dog to the side of this bench. get in his truck. and he drives away leaving this poor animal with no food, no water, no shelter, just chained
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to this bench. >> he looks terrified already. and possibly injured? >> that's the thing that's so heartbreaking. watch this adorable dog, he looks so confused, so scared. please, wait, don't leave me here. >> okay. well, don't let us wait any longer. you said there's a happy ending so come on. >> there is a happy ending. this surveillance footage was posted by the sheriff's department on their facebook page. immediately it got a huge response. only 24 hours later, the sheriff's department actually had to pull the video down. this is what the sheriff's office said. the dog is safe and being fostered by a very good rescue agency that they work with and that he is not going to be killed. so, you can breathe a big sigh of relief. he said we had to pull our video, the 911 center took over 75 calls from people around the country wanting to adopt the dog or finding out if we caught the man. >> is he facing any kind of
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charges? >> in virginia it is a misdemeanor to abandon an animal, they are hoping someone can give them information about who this man actually is. >> the very first frame of this video you can tell something's not going to go down right here. you can see a couple of yellow arrows but that van in the distance keeps coming and blows right through then the red light. that's not good. because it gets broadsided. the van slips onto its side. pretty serious accident right in the middle of this intersection. but the good news here is that people spring into action quickly including the driver in the black van that struck that car. it looks like they immediately try to roll the van over back onto its wheels but that doesn't work. it also looks like there's somebody sitting right there sticking their head out the window of that door. passersby and the guy in the first car begin to pluck people out. they were five people in that van. three small children. >> oh. >> and two adults. thankfully you can see one by one here they pick each child out, look at the little guy
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standing right there next to the van. there's a lot of traffic trying to get around this accident, but all are safely taken from this van. no major injuries. you can see the kids now standing around. it looked a lot scarier than it turned out being. >> i'm surprised that the driver of the white van did that considering that there were children in the van and you'd think that they'd be extra cautious, right? the way they are maneuvering through traffic and the streets. >> not a smart move i don't know what they were thinking here because that light is clearly red before they even get out into that distant lane there. >> glass leak led to a massive explosion at the center for education in iran and as you can see here there's a group of people standing right here just walking around, milling around, but watch what happens right here on your screen. >> oh. >> oh, no! oh, this is awful. >> you can see people running in flames. here the fire spreads.
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one guy's running and the fire looks like it's chasing him and all five people were injured. a journalist witnessed the explosion. he said it happened at the entrance of the school. >> literally ran. they tried to get out of there, you're right, the fire chased after him. it kept getting bigger and bigger. >> because you got to imagine if that thing is leaking for a while that gas must be all in that area. you can see the fire just track to where the gas had permeated throughout that small single block. >> scary. >> the incident is under investigation. now in saudi arabia, this food factory is on fire. did you see that? watch it again. and look at the top of the flames. you see that piece of metal part of a diesel tank that exploded. you can see the flames and the black smoke coming. people running out of the way. >> at least this one, though, there's a little bit of warning. it seems like people got out of the building. >> two people were hurt. the car was damaged and the flames and all the chemicals in the building went into all the food so you can't really
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recovering anything if food has been in a building like that and the thing went up into flames. >> it looked like a rocket. something that you would see on a nasa launchpad. dude picks a fight with the wrong bouncer and gets taken out. >> let me tell you something, dude in the striped shirt was trying to make a viral video. >> how he's proving that taking a hit gets hit. and see how this car ninja is taking his tricks to the max. >> i'm impressed.
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being a bouncer is not an easy job. we know that because you got to deal with bozos with riffraff like this dude here who is coming up on this bouncer? oslo, norway, he's brought a bat to this thing. this video going crazy viral had 1 million some views in 24 hours posted on hip-hop videos where a lot of fight videos are posted. this and this is a definitely a fight video. one right cross down, dude is out cold. >> a little bit of blood. >> blood on the ground. >> blood dripping out of this guy's mouth. guy is not in good shape you can say. looks a little dazed and confused. >> well, yeah, he picked a fight with a mountain. >> look at the bouncer, he just defended himself, he didn't go and beat him up, he stayed on top of him, he looks genuinely concerned for the dude in the
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striped shirt, and the guy is completely out of it and you see the police show up. this video going viral. let me tell you something, dude in the striped shirt was trying to make a viral video by coming up, confronting this bouncer and subsequently getting knocked out by this bouncer. it's a real punch. he really gets punched. this is actually part of an upcoming short film called "internet fame" from a norwegian director christopher borgley, he's an award winning director. [ inaudible ] the guy in the stripes is actually an actor, his name's amir and you can see in this trailer he's totally banged up. the experiment is sort of seeing how viral that clip can go. it's succeeding in what they are trying to do. is it the right thing to do because you are fighting with other people or getting beat up? i don't think amir is physically harming anybody. if you look at the trailer he looks like a human punching bag. >> this is an interesting take on our current culture, this is kind of a kri teak of what we
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awe see happening, and we see fight videos go viral incredibly quickly, if this goes well it shows people how dangerous this can be. one of our viewers loves the show but loves something else more. she hand makes these little miniatures, miniatures designs, miniatures home. her and her husband michael make them together. michael was a union carpenter for 43 years and just recently retired and this is what they started doing. look at the attention to detail and they are all one of a kind. she gives them as gifts and makes them specially for people and has sold a few of them to people who are also obsessed with miniatures and passionate about miniatures. >> that one with the fountain is really impressive based on the
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different number of textures, brick, there was tile, there was water there was like -- >> grass. >> lattice work. >> it's unbelievable. >> i want that backyard with the fountain and the tile, that was beautiful. with the arches. >> we wanted to find out more about our amazing viewer with this incredible talent. so "right this minute" we have her via skype. >> hi, everybody. >> this is a really remarkable gift that you have. tell us how much time and effort goes in to making one of these miniatures. >> well, it's mostly research and development first. the last one, the one with the fountain took us about 3 1/2 months. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> you know, we take our time and try to do it right and every one gets more and more involved every time we do one. >> are you buying dollhouse features or are you making everything by hand? >> we make everything by hand. >> wow. >> hand painted, clay, wood, whatever i can find around the house i use recycled materials,
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reclaimed materials, some of the wood is, like, 30-year-old fence wood. i go rummaging around in the man cave looking for stuff. but we're -- we're open to anything. and as long as our fingers still work and my brain still functions, we'll be making them. >> the cards aretackednghe cardn the hands of javier. check him out, he's known as the card ninja for obvious reasons. near deadly skills with throwing cards. first he's gunning for pepsi max. >> these aren't official playing cards. they might be thicker. >> they might be credit cards. zinging them in a sun roof and closing the lid on trash cans, and he bent it around the crates and still was able to hit the can. >> pepsi maxes a cornered the market on viral video ad campaigns. >> i like the one he was doing
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on the bench it was almost like he was a dealer and dealing out cards and knocking down the cans one by one. >> he's throwing it at the card and the kid has to catch it and he does. >> this one, nah. that one i call bs. >> wait a minute. >> it didn't go in a slot. >> now, that i believe. >> but it's impressive stuff. >> launches it through this little flame and blows up a balloon full of gas. pretty cool. he's all ready for his bath sort of. >> what did you forget getting into the bath? >> forgot to take off my clothes, dad. and still to come some friendly folks took in a young pelican. >> and now they have to teach him you on to fly. >> see what happens when he finally takes off. plus her boyfriend sends her out on an amazing race adventure. >> oh, my god, this will be hard. >> the romantic prize that awaits.
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry.
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it is a tough life if you're a pelican and you lose your parents and your flock all before you learn how to fly that's what happened to this bird here. his name is big bird. he was taken in by graystoke in tanzania, they found him when he came ashore during a storm and they fed him and cared for him and they have to teach him you on to fly. >> spread your wings. spread your wings. bye-bye. >> it's like a pterodactyl. >> it's a big bird. and here they are teaching it how to fly. >> are you kidding? he learned from the humans kind of showing the motion. that's pretty remarkable. that's a fun video. >> i love the person who figured out to put a go pro on this thing's bill and point it back at them. his little bald head screaming through the air. we go from water fowl to a whale.
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this video was captured by some people sailing from st. croix to the bahamas and as you can see they are going at a pretty good clip. notice this whale. no problem keeping up, just look. >> cool. >> and doesn't even look like the whale is moving anything. just kind of moves its tail. he eventually does speed up and all you see is a slight move of the tail and he speeds ahead of the boat which is not going slow. look at that. >> wow, that's cool. it's weird because he's not really even, like, swimming too much. >> barely moving. >> shooting like a torpedo. >> looking like a little bullet. an amazing race was taped in san francisco recently. the host aaron mcdaniel. >> determination and willpower, one woman will travel all over the san francisco bay area. >> the contestant, leona. a huge fan of the show "amazing
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race" so her boyfriend aaron decided to give her her very own amazing race. >> you must get to the pit stop before the sun sets. >> her first challenge. go to the place where they had their second date. there she meets a friend, she gets a roadblock, and the next set of instructions. >> he went all out, he's using the logoed envelopes and everything. >> oh, my god, this is going to be hard. >> the following res strawtaura have met in chronological order. >> she does it, though. >> i'm impressed that he knew. >> he looked at his credit card statemts. >> fro san francisco to drier >> driving. >> gets to one of her clues. she gets back into the city. >> best boyfriend ever. >> more challenges. she has to play golf, build a sandcastle. >> this looks like fun. >> she finally gets this clue. >> your amazing race takes flight head east to san carlos
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airport but on the way you must successfully steer the plane. >> she's going to get a plane ride and she's going to get to fly the plane. >> what? >> aaron says he couldn't have done this without the help of his buddy paul over at pkv visions. let's get to the real cool part. >> heads to where we first told each other i love you. >> the sun is setting. she's getting pretty close. >> she finally gets there and sees her man and gives him a big smooch. >> let me crown you the winner of your own amazing race. >> he gets down on one knee and she's in tears, so is he. >> yes, i love you. when it comes to that dirty dashboard -- >> you've been cleaning it wrong! >> the secret solution you probably have in your kitchen. >> and you see it looks brand new.
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imagine you sit down to
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watch a big music show and you get a phone call from your neighbor saying, hey, there's a foal in my yard. this foal got separated from its mom so this woman and her family ended up with the foal for the night and guess who it became friends with? her 4-year-old daughter. >> ah. >> playing in the yard together, how adorable is that? she gave her a hug! >> this happened in 2012 but it was posted in october and it's just now trending because of the cuteness factor obviously. >> like a horse whisperer. >> because she can say look how good i was with it. i knew how to play with it. it followed me. >> this is the epic friendship when you are a kid. your pony. she has a pony. >> don't take him away. don't take him away. >> well, the good news is, is that mom was found and it was reunited with its mom but for a brief moment in history, this little girl and foal had a friendship. i have a couple of diy,
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how-tos, the first one from grant thompson, the king of random, you know how when you drink from a can, the tab? >> pop tab. >> saves them. >> in this proj jact ect we ar g upcycling them. >> you've been drinking for a while. >> let's break off the rivet mounts and stack five of them together so they are all in line. we take a pair of scissors and carefully sut a slit into the center end and now all you have to do is push the hook through the thicker end of the chain link and bend the metal back to close the gap. >> you do that over and over and over and over and over and over and over again you have the length of chain you want. >> it definitely doesn't look like pop tabs. >> it looks like a funky chain but it's lightweight and aluminum. >> clean up a college party and you'll get all the things you need. >> this other video when it comes to your dashboard, guys, you've been cleaning it wrong! >> welcome back.
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>> it's the crazy russian hacker. and he's in his car not his laboratory. >> all you going to need is olive oil. that's it. and some napkins. >> there he shows us. he does the olive oil application on his old car. >> rub it into your dashboard and you see it looks very new and you dust off all the dust from it. >> it works. you just need to shine. >> every time you get in your car you will want, like, a bread stick. >> you see. it looks already better. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman we've got great videos from the web right here "right this minute." the wind is at their back as mountain bikers take a city by storm. >> through the streets and stairways. >> but see why the road rising up to meet you is not a sign of good luck here. >> security cameras are able to catch -- our creep of the week here. >> how video of a suspected thief reveals a much bigger shocker. a monkey swipes a go pro from a tourist and -- >> watch what he does! >> why monkey see, monkey do a


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